Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dad's 69th b-day!

Dad's 69th birthday dinner at Gene and Ericka's. The kids were cute and gave him some things that they went upstairs and found to wrap. Geno wrote a cute card and of course, Dad loved it all. Katin, after aiming my camera at him, got a big cheesy grin on his face and said "cheese". Ericka and I both were like, "did he just say cheese?" That was a first for him. Usually he ducks his head and doesn't want his picture taken. He is walking around everywhere, even on top of the dining room table. :o) Gram even came over for the after dinner festivities. (The cake was a conglomeration of 2 tiers from the table cakes at Ericka's sister, Laura's wedding the night before. Lemon and carrot cakes. Yum. (Not in the same cake! The different tiers.)

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Anonymous said...

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