Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dad's 69th b-day!

Dad's 69th birthday dinner at Gene and Ericka's. The kids were cute and gave him some things that they went upstairs and found to wrap. Geno wrote a cute card and of course, Dad loved it all. Katin, after aiming my camera at him, got a big cheesy grin on his face and said "cheese". Ericka and I both were like, "did he just say cheese?" That was a first for him. Usually he ducks his head and doesn't want his picture taken. He is walking around everywhere, even on top of the dining room table. :o) Gram even came over for the after dinner festivities. (The cake was a conglomeration of 2 tiers from the table cakes at Ericka's sister, Laura's wedding the night before. Lemon and carrot cakes. Yum. (Not in the same cake! The different tiers.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Katin, the little cutie

Gene and Ericka wanted some pictures to send into the Regis and Kelly show, but we were too late. There are some cute ones though. Geno and Katin are cute brothers. I love the one of him arching his back and laughing. And then the last one (or maybe the first one as Blogspot is wont to do) makes Katin look like a little grown up boy!! He's just too cute!)Yes, it did put them backwards. Ugghh.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gram's 89th Birthday

I don't get it, but there is computer jibberish on the page when I upload pictures to write the info to go along with them. They used to actually show the pictures so I could write under each one. Oh well. The first pictures are yesterday at Katella Deli. Uncle Earl and Aunt Kathy are here from Salt Lake for the week and so we all went to Red Chile (Mexican food) for lunch and then after Home Depot, we went to Katella Deli. Gram wanted their free chocolate cake for birthdays. The waitress said that she got the last one! The next pictures are of her real birthday down at Aunt Sharon's house in Huntington Beach.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Are you on Facebook? Who isn't?

I've been having too much fun with Facebook, so that is where you will find most of the latest pictures. I guess I like the feedback to things that are posted on Facebook. I guess that I will get back to posting pictures here soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cute kids in Utah

I have a lot to catch up on from the past 2 months but I will have to do that when I get home. Here are some cute pictures of the kids after Christmas etc. Jeffrey and Owen with their new Nintendo DS-es the morning after Christmas before everyone else woke up, playing nicely all snug in Jeffrey's bed. Paige sitting in her new doll baby's bassinet/carrier, and then wearing her brother's Star Wars clone trooper helmet that is almost bigger then she is. I actually thought that she would topple over backwards. :o) Also, Paige in the shopping cart between the sack of potatoes and drinks. Too cute!

Mini mission reunion

Yesterday I met with Wendy Holt Brown and Russ Bowers here in Salt Lake for a mini reunion. Russ lives in Washington DC now and was home for Christmas, while Wendy lives here with her family. It was so good to see them both even if it was a wild ride home with Russ! :o) (Not his fault, it's still just snowy and getting icy, especially after dark.) Wendy's husband Spencer came in with the kids after a while. My how they've grown! Her kids are Mikelle, Truman, Andrew and Joshua (Joshie). Beautiful family!! It's so good to see them. It's hard to believe that us 3 came home together almost 12 years ago next month (Jan. 21-22, 1997). Time flies! Other than a few Brazilian missionary friends, these 2 are pretty much the only Americans that I have kept in contact with or seen on a regular basis.

Christmas in Utah, well sledding anyway

Sledding with Jeff's family today in Daybreak, South Jordan. This is the field to the school yard. A beautiful winter wonderland. Boy was it cold out there. We didn't last too long. Jeff, Erin, Jeffrey, Owen and Paige. Beautiful, huh? Oh, the last one is them coming home.Such snow drifts in front of their home. Poor Jeff has to shovel that himself, and they have a corner lot. (Double sidewalks)